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A structural engineer is one of several engineers (electrical, mechanical, fire protection, plumbing, geotechnical) and others (landscape architect, interior designer, spec writer, etc) that are usually subcontracted by an architect for a particular project. A structural engineer provides the structural design and drawings for the foundation and frame or "skeleton" to support a structure. The structural engineer communicates with other design team members to accommodate the aesthetics of the building and to ensure that there is sufficient space to install mechanical and electrical units, ducting, sprinklers, and other utilities.

The resulting products are structural calculations and structural drawings. These documents are submitted to the governing jurisdiction (usually the city or county building departments) for approval. Upon jurisdiction approval, the drawings are issued to the contractor for construction and an inspector for periodic review of the construction. During construction, the structural engineer works with the contractor to resolve unexpected field conditions, conflicts not identified during design, and approval of building materials used.

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